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Welcome to the Ayurveda Mallorca® Job Center

... the European Agency for qualified Specialists in authentic Ayurveda

During the state visit of the German Chancellor to India in 2019, it was not only agreed with the Indian Prime Minister that easier access to the German labor market should be given to Indian specialists, but also expressed interest in giving the Ayurveda health system greater attention in Europe.

Since March 1st, 2020, the new law on the promotion of skilled workers will come into force in Germany, which will also make it easier for Indian Ayurveda specialists (doctors, therapists, cooks) to stay, work permits and issue visas in Germany and so on also in the European Union.

The Corona crisis delayed the introduction of these new legal and visa regulations until September 2020.

We are constantly looking for qualified employees from India and Sri Lanka for our expansion as well as for our other Ayurveda centers and partners all over Europe.

If you have a certified qualification as an Ayurveda doctor, therapist or cook, have excellent language skills in English and possibly in another European language or are willing to learn them, and would like to live and work in Germany for at least 6 months, apply to us with your detailed curriculum vitae: